Muscle Group:

legs, chest, back, triceps, biceps, shoulders, abdominal muscle




Pilates, boxing and dancing at Rhythm Sports!
Piloxing is the latest trend in fitness field: it combines the strength of both Pilates and boxing with the dancing pleasure. With pilates, run exercises you train your loan and of balance. By adding your boxing workout in the same building also on your condition. The training is divided into sessions; Pilates, boxing and dance. A session consists of many movements and repetitions. The movements go to the beat of the music and range from slow or fast, with or without weight. In addition, there is also interspersed with floor exercises, for example, the abdominal muscles, leg / buttocks and upper body. Viveca Jensen is the creator of Piloxing. They all gave pilates years but wanted more and came up with this concept. It gives amazing results and it is also fun! Piloxing is the non-stop interval training with standing Pilates, boxing and dance!

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