RhythmPower Pump

RhythmPower Pump
RhythmPower Pump

Muscle Group:

legs, chest, back, triceps, biceps, shoulders, abdominal muscle




RhythmPower Pump: the most powerful fitness workout at Rhythmsports!
RhythmPower Pump is a group-fitness program aiming to strengthen the muscles and burn body fat without losing muscle tone. Via sets of exercises and with the help of a barbell and weights, all muscle groups will get trained: legs, chest, back, triceps, biceps, shoulders and abdominal muscles. Motivating music is used to create a “musical journey” to guide and encourage you through the workout. Everybody can join Power Pump classes. You can choose the weight you want to work with, varying from 1,8 kilo to over 30 kilo’s, based on your level of strength. All the exercises are based on fitness equipment, for example squats, curls, lifts and presses. These simple exercises are without any aerobics choreographies, which will appeal to the gentlemen in particular!
Burning body fat as well as strengthening your muscles is an ideal way to achieve your goal, a slim, toned body! Work that body with RhythmPower Pump!

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