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Want to burn at least 800kCal in just one hour? Then RS3X is the class for you!

RS3X is an efficient training method in which you not only improve your cardio condition or tone your body but the class also focuses on muscle strengthening and fat loss without the loss of muscle mass.
The class will be filled with variety, as you will you use different materials such as kickback, barbells, dumbbells and of course your own body.
Our professional instructors will make the hour fly by with their enthusiasm in combination with a wide variety of exercises and upbeat music. Due to the use of current and upbeat music, you’ll be burning at least 800-900kCal before you even know it.
Guided by the best professional instructors in the field of freestyle classes, we will ensure you get the best workout available. Just think about it: All your favorite classes such as: Rhythmboxing, Power Pump, Zumba, Fat Attack, BBB and PAC all wrapped up in 1 class especially for you.

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