Yoga (Ashtanga)

Yoga (Ashtanga)
Yoga (Ashtanga)

Muscle Group:

legs, chest, back, triceps, biceps, shoulders




Empower body and mind with PowerYoga at Rhythmsports!!
There are many variations in yoga styles. At Rhythmsports we offer an active, vigorous variation: PowerYoga. PowerYoga is a powerful and dynamic variety of yoga, performed in a series of unbroken, fluent movements. This has a profound impact on body and mind. PowerYoga strengthens and tones your body, making it leaner and improving your stamina. PowerYoga’s intensive workout focuses the concentration, allowing you to clear your mind and to (re)discover and strengthen your mental resilience. PowerYoga has a positive effect on your stamina and strength as well as on mental clarity and resilience. What’s more, your overall well-being will benefit from PowerYoga. It stimulates the circulation and heart. Its breathing techniques help calm the nervous system. Furthermore, PowerYoga aids the digestion and the lymphatic system and improves hormonal balance. PowerYoga tones and strengthens body and mind, bringing energy and tranquillity into your life. Do you want to be strong, flexible and balanced, both physically and mentally? Try PowerYoga at Rhythmsports!

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